Friday, May 4, 2012

Teaching Your Child To Swim

Look at Zach, my three year old son. He is having a blast with his grandpa. When it is hot outside, swimming is a fun activity to enjoy with kids. I came across this book in Amazon, Teach Your Child to Swim (Usborne Parents' Guide) and it offers useful advice for parents on how to teach children aged three months and upwards to swim. The book also covers basic swimming activities like preparing your kids for his first splash, teaching all the major strokes, as well as diving, swimming underwater and floating techniques.

Teaching your kids to swim has several pros. For one, it is great for their health. Two, it enhances their self esteem. Three, your worry about your child drowning is somehow lessened.

However, it is important to note that parents should always supervise a child when swimming even if he is already capable. As they say, no child is drowning proof. From experience, I think that letting go of my kid and helping him realize that he can float is the hardest part. What about you?

Watch The Video Below And Learn Pool Safety:

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