Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Savine playing hide and seek with cousin Duke!
My daughter Savine and my son Zach are very emotional. They love to be cuddled and hugged. They want mommy and daddy to kiss them every night. Truly, it is important that parents show the love for their kids at all times. Following are some of the best ways to show a child your love.

Find Time To Bond With Your Kids
Quality time means finding time to bond with your kid with little or no distractions from work. Most parents today are too busy working and  that the only time they have for the family is during weekends. If you are taking your child to the park for the weekend, make sure that you will not be interrupted by calls from work. Let your child enjoy being with his mom and dad. Moreover, spending quality time with your child doesn't have to be expensive, reading a book together or listening to your son's favorite song are excellent ways to show your children that you care and love them.

When two ears are put together it makes a heart.
When your child needs someone to talk to, make yourself available. Listen attentively to your child's concerns. Did you know why the ears are shape like two Cs? Ears when put together shaped like a heart. So, it is sometimes better if you talk less and listen more to your child. When you listen to your child, you are already comforting and boosting his confidence. It makes them feel worthy and loved.

Be Unpredictable
Nearly all parents are strict when it comes to bedtime hours. Once in a while, it is okay to break your own rule and let your child stay up past his bedtime with you. You can watch cartoon classics together or you can cuddle with your little one while drinking his favorite hot choco drink.

Laugh With Your Child
Parenting is never easy. On the other hand, do not get too gripped with the normal chores and routine that you forget about your child. Some parents prioritize their daily chores over their kids. If your child is telling you a funny joke, be part of the conversation and laugh with your child. Do not be a machine.

Children love it when you show them that you care. There are so many ways to show your child that you love him. The simplest way is to always remind your child that you love him by just saying I love you.

Read children picture books to your child. Books are fun and exciting. Visit the links and read different children reading articles and helpful parenting tips today.

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