Monday, June 4, 2012

Importance Of Reading Aloud

Infants and toddlers are learning at tremendous speed. Most people do not understand that when a child is born, only 25 percent of the brain in developed, and the rest develop within the first year. The words spoken to children can build a bank of vocabulary which is the core for other learning. On the other hand, it is suggested that parents read aloud to their children. Following are some of the most important benefits of reading aloud to kids.

It Increases Child's Listening And Attending Abilities
Observe your child as you start to express the words from the book. As you catch your child's attention, your child will look at you and observe how your mouth moves as you speak. Although, children have short attention span, they are curious beings. They will observe how you speak each word from the book. To check if your child is listening, you can ask your child to repeat back words. Just be patient especially with small kids. If they are still unable to repeat back words, you can just ask them easy questions about the story and they can reply with a simple Yes or No.

Reading Aloud Expands The Childs' Vocabulary
Read more to your child, if you want to improve your child's vocabulary. Reading can improve your child's terms through exposure to words. When you read, take time to pause and to define strange words. If you are reading a story book about Snow white, you can pause and try to define the words from the book. If you are talking about the word apples, show him or her pictures of the fruit or you can even play up eating an apple. Be careful to define the terms that are easy for your child to understand.

Reading Aloud Improves Your Child's Creativity And Imagination
Be imaginative when reading a book to your child. Do not be afraid to extend your arms and to make the funniest faces. You can even play pretend.­­ Say, you are reading Rapunzel and you are describing how long Rapunzel's hair is, you can make a wig from a comfy blanket nearby and try to comb your long hair using long strokes. You can even ask your children to pull your pretend hair and you can play being hurt.

Reading is indeed very important. It provides wonderful opportunities for you and your child to bond and to instill in him or her values and life principles. When reading to your child, try to pick out books that are age appropriate for your little one. Pick a book with arts and illustrations to help your little one understand the words better. Be creative and do not be afraid to bring out the actor or actress in you. Children picture books are fun and exciting. Visit the links and read different children reading articles and helpful parenting tips today.

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