Tuesday, May 29, 2012

How To Bond With Your Children

Children age 1 to 3 belong to the toddler group. They are usually very talkative and playful. They love to run around the house and discover new things. They are curious beings. If you have toddlers at home, your day will never be boring. Bonding with your kid at this stage is very important. Below are a couple of tips on how to bond with your tot.

Kids love storytelling. They want to learn new things, see new pictures and they enjoy how each story will end. Reading time is a fantastic way to promote conversation and to ask your children questions. Adapt special voices for each character to make reading time lively and spontaneous. If you are reading a line from the fairy godmother, try to make your voice soft and clear. If you are pretending to be a mouse from the story, make your voice sounds like you are squeaking.

Go Out On A Date With Your Tot
Every day there is a reason to celebrate, so go out with your little tot. You can take him to a nearby ice cream parlor. Let him pick the flavor of the ice cream. Find a nice place where you can sit and talk. Play with your kid while inside the ice cream parlor. Pretend that you are both detectives and you are out to investigate. You can also play, "I spy with my little eye". Surely, your kid will enjoy the game and the delightful treat with you.

Give Warm Hugs And Kisses
The problem with many parents is they overlook the importance of touch. Touch your kids. Give those little bunnies some nice hugs and gentle rubs. If you are disciplining your little tot, hold his hand. Try alternate ways to connect, especially for little ones who doesn't like to cuddle. Try dancing together or stroking his hair.

Color With Your Little Tot
Toddlers like to color and to paint. Pick a good coloring album from your local book shop. Try to pick a book with larger pictures so that your child can understand the illustration and will not get confused with the detailing. Buy a set of color pens or pencils or if you want to get messy, paint brushes and color paint. Just make sure to pick the appropriate brush for your little one's hands. While, you and your child is having the time of your life, engage in conversation. Do not get annoyed if your little one will not pick the right colors or if there are coloring errors. Remember that bonding with your child is your priority and not the activity.

Play Musical Instruments, Sing And Dance Together
It is important to expose your child to music. Based on research, music can help develop children's language skills, boost their self-confidence, develop their listening skills and stimulate brain connections. You can encourage music by teaching your child to play drums or maracas. You can even dance together and create your own song lyrics.

Toddler Tea Party
Many families are accustomed to having tea parties at home. Why not create your toddlers' version of tea party. Instead of tea, you can serve delicious drinks like apple or orange juice. You can invite your toddler's friends too. Serve delicious treats like cookies and cakes. Make the day special by dressing your kid with fancy play clothes.

There are many ways to bond with your little tot. Some of them are listed above. When bonding with your kid, try to be spontaneous. You can even have quality time together without spending a single dime, just take your child to a park where he can play with you and that's it. It doesn't have to be fancy. Your child will appreciate it and he will certainly end the day with a smile on his face.

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