Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Reading Is Fun!

Reading is a fun activity to do with kids. Parents should continue to read books to their kids even if we are on the computer age and children are more interested in smart phones and tablets. Yes, books can be old fashioned. But, it is fun to manually flip the pages of the book and to feel its hard bound texture.

Following are the benefits of reading to kids and a couple of advice on how you should read to your little ones.

Benefits Of Reading To Your Kids:
  •  Reading helps build stronger relationship.
  •  Improve vocabulary and communication skills.
  •  Enhances concentration and discipline.
  •  Instill a love of books and language. 
  •  Stimulate child's imagination.
How To Read To Your Child:
  •  Choose appropriate books for your child - Storybooks, Fables, Parables etc.
  •  Create the right atmosphere for reading. Find a quiet comfortable area at home where   you can read to your child. 
  •  Read aloud to your child. Reading aloud teaches your child to read smoothly and with  expression.
  •  Encourage your child to look at pictures and illustrations to figure out the meaning of new words.
  •  After reading the story, ask your little one, "What did you like most about the story? Tell me your favorite part." 
Recommended Books For Kids: (3-6)

Instill in your kids the habit of reading. As a parent, one of the best ways you can prepare your child is to build a good foundation for academic excellence and your child can achieve that through reading.

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