Thursday, June 7, 2012

Zach Swimming Lesson With Grandpa

This is a follow on Zach's learning to swim post. In this video he is actually walking. His grandpa is so proud. I AM SO PROUD!

Simple Reminders
Do not leave your children unattended. Though they have floaties or safety swimming gears, you still need to be with them to supervise. Just like grandpa supervising Zach.

According to, " A good instructor will gently bring the child outside his comfort zone each lesson, but not so far as to invoke fear. The gradual path is most often the most successful in this arena. 

Also. have fun. Enjoy the moment and your child's achievement. Your child is growing up so fast and without you knowing it, he will be a better swimmer than you.


  1. An achievement of every child is also an achievement of every parent!

    I know, I am also a proud mother!

  2. I wish I could learn how to swim, but water just scares me away I don't know why. I like the quote from, "A good instructor will gently bring the child outside his comfort zone..." With this in mind, the student will soon have the confidence needed and forget about his anxieties :)

  3. How this is the pool for kids? The young boy was so courageous here.:)

  4. yes laids. this side of the pool is for kids. the other side is for adults. My son can now walk.. so proud of him!

  5. When a child learns how to move when it comes to "sink or swim", it is a very good thing.

    God bless.