Sunday, May 6, 2012

Reasons To Encourage Kids To Play Pretend Games

Have you seen a toddler jumping up and down pretending to be a super hero like Superman or Captain America? Probably you have a preschooler who still believes she's a princess and her subordinates are her fairy toys and Barbie dolls? If you find it weird, do not worry. Your child is perfectly normal and she is just playing pretend. Pretend play is actually very healthy especially for kids, because this type of play builds the child's vocabulary and language skills. Moreover, it encourages the child to use her imagination.

There are many ways to encourage your kids to play pretend games. Here are some of them:

Dress Up Games – Dressing up is fun for kids. Children like to dress up as their favorite fictional characters. Many girls like to pretend they are Disney Princesses. Boys like to pretend they are cowboys and astronauts.

Who Am I? – This is a classic acting party game used mostly in children's masquerade party. It is like a guessing game where one kid can choose a character and then choose the mask from the selection. The other kids would then guess who the child's character is.

I came across this site and it is amazing. Look at the masks below. Are they not cute? offers colorful masks for kids to print out and play with. To learn more, Click here to visit Masketeers.

Puppet – Puppets can be made from recycled brown paper or even socks. Be creative with your kids and make cute puppets from scrap. After making puppets, plan to host a puppet show at home. Invite your family or all your kids' friends to join the show.

Pretend games are so much fun. Many parents encourage their children to play these games because it helps children to use their imagination. A pretend game doesn't have to be costly. You can keep your child's Halloween costume out year-round. Don't wait until Halloween to play dress up. Lastly, have fun. Play with your kids and enjoy the moment. Remember that kids grow fast and this is the best time to create good memories together.

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