Friday, June 1, 2012

How To Raise A Positive And Responsible Child

According to research, children who do household chores are given the opportunity to learn about caring and responsibility, organization and consideration for others. Indeed, parents have a major role to play in bringing up a can do child. A positive and responsible child is highly competitive and energetic, positive and secure, where any tasks and responsibilities given to him, he can carry it out with confidence and belief to self. If you're a parent or a guardian and you wish to bring up a child with a can do attitude, following are good tips:

Encourage Independence
Encourage children to be independent by allowing them to accomplish things on their own. This will make kids more positive and assured of themselves. Also, independence will enhance their problem-solving skills and train them to make good choices.

Give Positive Reaction
Offer warm and positive remarks to your kids' questions or tasks. Kids are greatly affected by how their parents approve or disapprove of their actions and speech. Not only will positive responses help you raise a confident and well-mannered but it will make you a better parent and a happy person.

List Strengths And Weaknesses
Psychologists are keen observers of different behaviors. You may want to make a list of the strengths and weaknesses of your kids. The list will serve as a guide to direct your children's focus on improving certain skill or behavior. You may plan to give activities or tasks to drill your children to increase mastery of a certain behavior.

By No Means Compare
Do not commit the SIN of comparing your child to a sibling or to other kids. Your child is Special and acts, talks and thinks in a very special way. Identify where your child is good at and encourage the child to be the BEST at what he's good at.

Responsibility makes the child part of how things are done in the household. When a child becomes liable, the child is transformed into a dependable child who boosts self-confidence.

Raising responsible and dependable kids help parents of big households. It saves a lot of time and resources when children can be relied on to do certain tasks. Not only will this help in the maintenance of the home, but it will develop important life skills for your kids.

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