Sunday, April 29, 2012

Brief Background About Me...

Me And My Family

I am a wife and a mother of two. I decided to work at home (be a full time mom and at the same time work as SEO specialist) because I want to see my kids grow and also have a career that I can be proud of.  I want to see my kids as they utter their first words. When they are experiencing new things, I want to be at that moment. I am not the perfect mom but I am doing my best to experience everything with them. 

I am also a nurse. However, I am not practicing the profession. I taught ESL (English As A Second Language) in 2008. My primary students were Koreans. I have to say, teaching English was so much fun. Now, I am teaching group of kids in Sunday School Ministry. My students are very dear to me and I love seeing them grow each week.

My Kids
I have two kids at home. My daughter is 4 and my son is turning 3 this week. It is so amazing how fast they grow. I can still remember the time when my husband and I are still thinking of baby names and now they are so big. How time flies...

My daughter's name is Savine. She can now write her own name, sing different songs and dance ballet. She is going to school this year. We are all excited.

My son's name is Zach. If you are familiar with the Alphabet Pals, you must be familiar with Amy and Zac. Anyway, my son can now sing ABCs with sign language. He can also name words that begin with the alphabet letters like A for Apple, B for Ball. 

I have the Lord to thank, for giving me such a wonderful family and amazingly gifted kids. My kids inspire me life and they are very important to me.

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